The beginning of the end….hopefully

For the last two years, three months, and five days my husband and I have been trying to conceive.  As you may have guessed, we have been extremely unsuccessful.  And unlucky. 

Here’s my story:

First, I stopped taking birth control (Loestrin 24 FE).  Then, after about 6 months actively trying to conceive, I went to my family doctor to see what was wrong.  After extensive blood testing and lots of medical bills later, he discovered that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and he put me on 500 mg metformin twice a day.  The metformin actually helped with the “cysts” but didn’t do much else.  He also sent me to see an  ob/gyn that he had had success with before.  Well, this new doctor put me on 50 mg clomid for 4 cycles and refused to up the dosage and the only monitoring he did was a cd 21 progestorone level blood test.  According to these tests, I still wasn’t ovulating but he continued to push the clomid.  It was after the fourth failed month that I went back to my doctor and requested a referral to see a Dr. Gentry who was highly recommended in various forums online.  From the first day I met him, I knew he was the one for me:-)  He informed me and my husband that if one weapon didn’t work, well, we would just have to use bigger guns.  We did start out on Clomid again but he increased the dosage to 1oo mg with an hcg trigger if with an ultrasound it showed that I had good follicles.  Well, that just wasn’t in the cards.  The first month, no follicles.  The second month with 150 mg Clomid, no good follicles.  The third month with 150 again, 1 good (maybe over-ripe) follicle!!!!  We triggered and timed intercourse which, ta-da!, resulted in nothing.  Again.  We took a one month break after that and went back to try femara which failed dismally.  The two months I was on Femara I had only minuscule follicles so no triggering:-(  After that, the good doctor wanted to try follistim but I, regretfully, couldn’t because I just started a new job and couldn’t afford to miss too much work and look expendable….

Anyways, it was time for the hubby to have another semen analysis (his first was 65 million).  This one resulted in only 5 million!  What happened?  Off to the Urologist/Male Infertility Specialist almost three hours away my husband went.  Needless to say, he was not a happy camper especially after the, uh, very thorough examination that doctor gave him.  After blood tests, it was found he has low testosterone so he was put on 12.5 mg clomid daily.  Oh, and he had another semen analysis there which resulted in a count of 2 million…  He went back in a month and had a count of 20,000 which really sucks!  His testosterone level hadn’t built up yet though so he was tested again after a few weeks and his count was back up to 1 million and his testosterone level was normal…but his estrogen level had become elevated also due to the clomid.  Now he has to also be on an estrogen lowering med.  So, during all of this his doctor is telling him that where he works (in a hot factory) wouldn’t have any affect on his count cause it wasn’t hot enough, blah blah blah…but my doctor is of a differing opinion.  You see, the husband works in a factory building furniture and this past summer was a scorcher (we live in Southern Indiana and it was blazing hot even to us).  There were days that it reached a real-feel temperature of 128 outside or more and in the factory it was reading almost 140.  Couple that with the fact that his good count was taken during the spring and the others were during the summer and it seems like a no-brainer.  Then, when the temp. started going down his count started going up again. 

So, during all the time my husband was being diagnosed we were taking a break.  Now it’s Fall and it’s back to work ttc for me.  My doctor now has me seeing him at one of his main offices which is about 3 hours away (and the opposite direction of my husbands doctor) so that we can prepare for IVF.  He says that since I didn’t respond very well to the other meds and since the husband’s count fluctuates it would be more prudent (and less time-wasting) to skip the easy steps and go straight for our best chance.  In his office in Indianapolis, IVF would cost almost twice as much as it does at the Evansville office I am going to because he does everything at the Evansville office while the Indy office requires the use of the actual hospital up there.  Now, I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of Miss Aunt Flo so that I can go on birth control for two weeks starting cd 3.  And that’s all I know for now….I’ll fill you in as we go.  I’m so excited!!!!


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