First day of birth control pills

Since I started my menses on Tuesday, I will be taking my first bcp today.  I will have to be on these for three weeks in order to make sure I don’t develop any cysts.  I’m kind of worried about weight gain during this first IVF cycle.  I’ve heard that some of the meds can cause drastic weight gain and, even though it is worth it if we do conceive, I’m actually more worried about my health screening later this month at work.  At the screening, we are weighed and have a variety of other tests done (cholesterol, bmi, etc) and those things will help determine what “discounts” me and DH will receive for our medical insurance.  Last year, I weighed about 16 pounds more than I do now and they labeled me as a moderate risk, this year I don’t want that to happen.  Other than that, I’m going to get my blood screening today.  This is for lots of blood because they want to know my blood types and any health issues they can possibly test for like hepatitis and such.  This will be my second blood test for IVF, my last one was my CD3 test a couple weeks ago where they wanted estradiol, amh, and something else checked.  After this, I have three blood tests left that I’m currently aware of; they are all three in the same week too!  I’m going to look like a pincushion by the time this cycle is over.


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