To tell or not to tell?

I’m not sure what to tell my boss about doing IVF in November.  He’s a nice guy but I’ve only been working for him since May and he’s gone most of the time.  I would ask someone in HR but the person I would have asked quit her job to take a better opportunity and I may be replacing her (I’ve already took a lot of her work load).  I’m afraid that if I ask the other HR guy (who is also one of my bosses now) that him knowing I will be out so much and possibly getting pregnant may make him think twice about moving me into the open position.  In theory, I would really just like to be up front and honest with them but I don’t really see as to where my baby-making is anyone’s business but mine and DH’s.  Also, I don’t want questioned as to whether it worked or not.  And what if it does work, I tell people, and something happens?  I would really like to keep everything on the down-low so that DH and I can recover in peace if this doesn’t work or something goes awry.  Some of my family knows the details and one of my friends do but those people were only out of necessity.  You see, I cannot drive in the dark very well at all so my mother and father are going to take turns driving me to my appointments that are really early of the morning (especially with them being in an unfamiliar city) and my one friend knows because she is a nurse and I will need her to give me the shots I can’t give myself (progesterone in oil, hcg (they are in the flank)).  I would eliminate the friend if I could but DH is absolutely terrified of needles and I’m letting him save up his bravery for blood tests and just in case he has to have sperm aspirated (a tiny needle poked into his testis to get a good sample).


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