Does visualization help with IVF?  I was reading some info on IVF over the weekend and several women had stated they used visualization techniques (CDs, meditation, etc) and they ended up achieving their BFPs.  For me, I don’t really see the visualization making it happen as some seemed to indicate; it was more likely the ones who were more convinced of their vision were more relaxed during the process.  I’ve been trying to relax and I think I’ve done a fairly good job of it.  For some reason I’m utterly convince that this cycle will be our successful one.  The DH is extremely excited that we are doing something that has a higher chance of success since it’s difficult for me to attain ovulation and his sperm count fluctuates.  He is trying to keep his hopes in check he says and so am I.  What is most difficult about our long journey is that this is what it has come to for us.  I wonder what would have happened if we were ttc before all these advances in reproductive health came about.  Would we even have the problems we have now?  If we did, would we end up living forever unfulfilled lives?  I try not to think about it.  I am thankful we are able to pursue treatment and have hope that we will conceive.  The other day when I was at me RE’s office, I saw a newspaper clipping that wowed me.  It seems that a few years ago a women was having trouble getting pregnant and nothing seemed to work, not even IVF.  Eventually, her sister offered to try to carry the embryos for her and had two healthy embies transferred.  This left two more less healthy ones that my doctor decided to transfer to the woman herself to give them extra odds.  He didn’t actually think the two less-healthy ones had very good prospects.  Boy was he wrong.  Both women ended up pregnant with twins.  Now, the desperate parents-to-be have FOUR children, all the same age.  Isn’t that amazing?  I’m not sure if this is an example of “be careful what you wish for” or “God really does answer prayers.”  I prefer to think that someone was listening.


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