I don’t remember birth control being like this

I’ve been on birth control pills for six days now and I’m feeling kind of sick all the time.  Years ago when my general physician put me on bcp as a bandaid for pcos (which he put in my charts but curiously never told me I was dxed with; he just told me it would help keep cysts away which I was having trouble with at the time) I was only ever on low dose bcp and when lower dose ones came out I would ask to be switched if possible and my dr. readily agreed.  Now, I’m not on a low dose and it makes me feel pukey.  I mentioned it to the nurse at my RE and she said “well, it’s only for three weeks” so I guess that means I have to deal with it.  I would prefer to go through this treatment feeling great and upbeat but I know nothing worth having is ever easy.  I’m willing to do whatever it takes and feel however bad if I can just accomplish having a baby and holding him/her in my arms.  So many people take it for granted that they can have children and never stop to think about the miracle they are holding.  I can only make a promise to myself and my unborn children that I will cherish them forever and never take them for granted; I’ve already worked so hard to bring them into this world and they aren’t even conceived yet.  I hope this IVF cycle works.  I want to be one of those miracles that conceives on the first cycle.  Here’s to hoping and praying….


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