So, I guess maybe I was feeling sick yesterday and before because I was actually getting sick.  I haven’t had an ear infection since I was in college so I didn’t immediately recognize the symptoms.  This morning I woke up and when I tried to walk, immediately had vertigo and puked.  When I laid back down for a few minutes I realized my nose was slightly stopped up and my ears felt full.  For me, these have always been sure signs of an ear infection.  I’m just thankful it happened now and not in a months time since I wouldn’t have felt at all comfortable taking sudafed to help relieve the congestion.  I feel a little better now and I realize how imperative it is to stay away from people who are smoking.  In my opinion, smoking is a life choice and I’m not going to fault anyone for it but I grew up in a household where the adults smoked and I was constantly sick.  I have never once smoked a cigarette or anything else and I am proud of that.  Once I moved out of my parents house and was able to choose whom to be around, I stopped having breathing trouble and I stopped getting ear infections.  I told my doctor about this coincidence and he informed me the second-hand smoke was probably what had been irritating my airways which caused inflammation and promoted the growth of bacteria.  This past weekend, I was at a friend’s house a lot and her sister and husband smoke non-stop.  I’m thinking that may have been what helped me get sick.  From now on and especially while ttc and pregnant (fingers crossed), I will be more cautious about the air I breathe.  I don’t want to do anything that can inhibit my chances with ivf; it is way to important to me.


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