My teenage sister thinks she’s pregnant

My seventeen -year-old very immature sister thinks she is pregnant.  When she gets home from school my mom has a pregnancy test waiting on her but she has already said she doesn’t want to take the test.  Like if she ignores it it will go away.  I can’t count how many times I’ve talked to her about safe sex but she never seemed to hear a word.  In June, she started dating a guy five years older than her and he kept talking about kids and then she started talking about wanting a baby.  Mom told her how hard it is to have a baby in high school and when you are so young yourself but little sister never ever listens to anyone but her spoiled self.  I don’t even know what to say to her now.  If she is pregnant I can’t be there for her.  Especially if IVF doesn’t work for me and my husband.  The thing is, she knows how hard me and him have been trying for kids and DH and I both have good jobs with a steady income, a nice house, and we already for children.  We have already been to college and everything.  She has so many things that she could be preparing for and doing and now she could be pouring it all down the drain.  I know not all teenage mothers are bad or poor, etc.  But you should meet her!  When my older sister told me about texts she had seen between my little sister and her boyfriend about them trying to get pregnant on purpose I didn’t want to believe it but I still talked to little sister about it.  I just can’t believe she would still be trying to get pregnant while in high school with a boy that is that much older and who she has only known for five months.  This is fucking ridiculous.  I honestly hope she isn’t pregnant and that she really does have the stomach flu.  Otherwise, I don’t know what to do.  If she is pregnant even if DH and I are successful with our first IVF she will still have her baby before me.  I’m tired of all these teenagers getting knocked-up on purpose!  And, if you want to know a huge reason why I think she shouldn’t have a baby, it’s because whenever she’s around babies or kids related or not and they cry or hurt themselves she tells them to “shut the fuck up” and has been abusive to one of my nephews to the point that she isn’t allowed around him without close supervision.  I mean, what kind of mother will she actually be?  I could be getting ahead of myself and I hope to God I am….right now I’m praying someone so young and immature doesn’t get handed a fragile life to do what she will with.


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