Good News!

Yesterday, DH went to have his sperm frozen so that when it comes time to fertilize the eggs there will be a backup sample, just in case his fresh one is bad.  He asked the lab guy when he would know what the count was.  The guy told him to wait and then went to take a quick look.  He then informed DH that it looked great for IVF because he was guessing on the extreme low end at 2.5 million but he said it was probably more like 5 million!  On another note, the sample had to be kept in a quarantine area because the only blood draw facility near us that our insurance covers still hasn’t faxed the results of our blood tests.   Also, I did get 6 of my 10 prescriptions in the mail.  Man, that progesterone in sesame oil looks wicked thick.  I can already tell that isn’t going to feel good when I have to have it.


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