First U/S this cycle

This morning I left at 6:30 to make it to me RE’s office by 9 my time, 8 their time.  Of course, I got there a few minutes early and I had to wait.  It actually made me kind of nervous and antsy.  So, they finally let me in and had me “empty my bladder” before doing the ultrasound.  I was so scared!  I’ve heard of so many women having cycles cancelled because of even just one small cyst and since I’m PCOS, I figured I may be out.  Lo and behold, my ovaries looked perfect.  I’ve never been so happy!  After that, we went over my schedule and the nurse made sure I knew what meds to take and when.  Now, my next step is to be sure to do all my meds right starting Friday and then I have a blood test on Monday morning at 8 a.m. again.  I do have a small, um, big problem for next week though.  I go in three times next week which means missing about 5 hours of work each of those days.  Now I’m told there is an event going on all next week that I need to help plan and execute.  I work in the manufacturing world where the Japanese model is king so we have training and classes etc. but I will need to make sure lunch arrives on time and where it needs to go.  Lunch will be at noon.  When is the earliest I can possibly make it back by?  Noon.  Yay me.  Now, I just need to find someone at work who loves me enough to fill in for me on Monday and Wednesday…


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