I made a decision…or two

I decided over the weekend to make up with my little sister.  It wasn’t a very easy decision for me but I know it is what is best for her and for me.  I will support her no matter what and, although I am still jealous, I’ve decided I don’t have to be selfish about it.  I know she needs support now and will need a ton more in the future.  I started talking to her again over the weekend and apologized if I had acted badly towards her.  She actually said she understood and would have probably been really mean to me if our roles were reversed.  After our conversation, I felt like a weight was lifted off of me and I wasn’t so self-pitying anymore. 

I also made another decision.  I went and got a tattoo on Saturday (I have others so I know and trust the artist).  Even if this cycle works perfectly I decided I wanted to have something to commemorate my time TTC and as an Infertile; I’m also hoping the symbol will give me some luck! 

So far, it is healing very nicely.


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