Results of the blood test

It turns out I have responded very well to follistim and menopur…a little too well.  My E2 level is already at 650.  Tonight, instead of taking 100iu of Follistim I am only to take 50iu but I will still be taking the same amount of Menopur as I have been.  Hopefully on Wednesday my estradiol level is a little more normal; I really don’t want this cycle canceled due to poor egg quality or OHSS.


2 thoughts on “Results of the blood test

  1. Oh goodness I pray your cycle doesn’t get canceled and that your levels level out to normal. Hoping for the best for you!

  2. Samantha says:

    Thanks so much! I did go back today and it turns out I do have a lot of follicles but they are growing at a normal pace. The nurse seemed to think I was right on track for someone with PCOS.

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