Shots and Meds

I started my Menopur and Follistim shots on Friday evening and I also started taking dexamethasone and doxycycline.  The doxycycline is an antibiotic (my husband has to take it too; we will take it twice a day for ten days) and dexamethasone is a steroid like prednisone except it is I think 6 times more potent I was told; anyways, I only take 1/2 a dexamethasone a day.  For the Follistim I take 100 iu a night and I take one vial of Menopur, so 75 iu, per night.  So far, I’ve had no side effects from the antibiotic, the dexamethasone has caused me to have a fever every day for at least a few hours after I take it, and, unless I’m totally imagining it which I guess is highly possible, the Follistim and Menopur seem to be working since I can feel little twinges around my ovaries.

This morning, I came to work two hours early so I can get some time in before I leave to go to my doctors appointment.  Today, all that will be done is a blood test for my E2 levels.  I’m not sure what they should be at but from what I’ve ready I’m guessing somewhere over 100 is optimal after a few days of stimming.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the test results today are good!  I would really love to know we are on track.


One thought on “Shots and Meds

  1. Good luck with your blood test!

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