Follicles, Follicles

This morning I traveled to Evansville once again for a blood test but I also had a follicle scan as well.  I haven’t been called yet about the results of the blood test but boy did I see some follicles.  I have 12 follicles on my right ovary that are above 10mm and I have 10 on my left over 10mm.  So that explains the achiness and pain!  Anyways, I do have more follicles but they are below ten so the nurse didn’t count them; she said it would just take too long.  Since I’m worried about over-stimulating, I asked her if the number of follicles is normal–to which she replied “yes, especially with your PCOS.”  She said the follicles are all in a good range of each other and I’m right on track with where I should be.  She did warn me that not every follicle contains an egg and of the eggs that are retrieved not all of them will be of high enough quality.  I just hope I have enough of good quality for a few rounds of FET if need be (and for future children if this cycle is successful).  The nurse also indicated that Dr. Gentry would probably lower my Follistim again today and have me start Ganirelix (antagon) tonight. 

Right now, I can’t help but count down to next week.  Next Wednesday is my ER and then the Monday after is transfer.  I feel really confident about this cyle and I’m hoping that confidence is forteling of good luck for me and my husband, especially since we weren’t very confident during the other cycles on clomid and femara.


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