E2 still high

My estradiol level results yesterday were 2164.  Two days before it was 650 which is high on its own; my levels were only supposed to double in two days but, as you can see, the estradiol did more than double.  Supposedly, estradiol levels are indicative of how many mature follicles you will have though I think at this point the numbers are only saying that I have way too many follicles.  Last night, I was told not to take Follistim at all, continue with Menopur, but to add the Ganirelix to prevent ovulation.  I also had to go have another blood test this morning which I still haven’t received the results from.  Hopefully they look better.  Tomorrow I will be going in for an ultrasound and blood tests again.  I can’t help but wonder if the follicles will have any eggs in them and if any of those eggs will be any good.  I’ve read and been told that the follicles growing more slowly than mine have would be better for them because, while there may be less, they would be of better quality.  I’m wondering, will my retrieval be moved up?  It’s set for next wednesday; with the follies growing at this rate (one was 17 mm yesterday) I’m not sure what the plan will be.  Hopefully they tell me something tomorrow.


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