Walking on thin ice

At my ultrasound appointment today, Nurse C measured 23 follicles that are all around 15 to 17 mm.  She is guessing we may be able to do retrieval on Tuesday, that is, if my estradiol levels don’t go over 3,000;  if they do, then everything may be pushed back or canceled:-(  By the way, this morning my e2 measured at 2700.  Now, I’m supposed to take 1/2 of the Menopur tonight and continue with the Ganirelix.  Dr. Wonderful is hoping my levels will go down by my blood draw tomorrow.  Honestly, I’m hoping these follicles don’t bust while we are waiting…j/k…sort of.  I feel right now like someone went and took two very heavily weighted balloons, blew them up, and then inserted them into my abdomen.  I’m not kidding!  I’m really bloated right now but I also have this painful aching, pinching, sharp pain feeling where my ovaries are.  Which honestly seems to be everywhere at the moment.  The thing is though, I’m happy about this right now.  I’m going through this painful aching, bloating, needle-sticking process because I so desperately want a baby.  My husband is being such a trooper about all of this because we have the same goal.  Right now, we have people looking at us like we are crazy and asking why don’t we just adopt?  Well, adoption is more expensive than IVF after what our insurance does pay (their questions usually suggest we are spending too much on this procedure) and then the big reason is our longing to have and hold a baby that belongs genetically to both of us.  I feel like that’s kind of selfish but it’s the truth none the less.  I mean, why else am I writing this blog that no one I know even knows exists (other than DH) for anything other than to be totally honest?


One thought on “Walking on thin ice

  1. Oh goodness I pray your levels don’t go over and wishing you all the best. I completely agree with you also about the ivf vs. adoption. I want to try everything I possible can to have a baby of my own DNA before I consider adopting a baby.

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