Today and tomorrow

Last night I’m not sure I slept really at all.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t hear the alarm going off at 1:45 a.m. or that it wouldn’t go off at all so I kept watching the time until it ticked to the right time.  Of course, both alarms I had set started blaring right on time so while DH set up everything for the shots I walked the dogs who always think if we get up during the night it is for them…  So, I’ve been giving myself the Ganirelix (which yesterday was my last day of) but I hadn’t given myself the Follistim before so I injected myself with that so DH wouldn’t feel like he was being so mean.  I keep explaining to him that the shots are necessary but he still feels really bad for hurting me he says (and it doesn’t matter if I say it doesn’t hurt; he sees bruises so he assumes it’s painful (which sometimes it is but I don’t want to make him feel worse by admitting it)).  After the Follistim, we prepared to do the hCG injection in my gluteal.  Actually, we did more preparing early in the night by watching Youtube videos of different people showing and explaining the process.  That actually helped a lot. 

I was so proud of DH.  He didn’t even hesitate once he located the right spot.  He did the needle like a dart, remembered to pull back on the plunger slightly, and then he injected the medicine like a pro.  He says he still isn’t comfortable with giving me shots but he is getting good at it.  After tomorrow, I will only have one shot a day which is Progesterone in Oil.  I’ve heard that one can be tricky since the oil may not want to dissipate from the muscle.  We shall see how it goes.  

Tomorrow, our schedule is as follows:

Leave work at 10:30 a.m.  Borrow parents’ van since it’s more comfortable than DH’s truck (and gets a lot better gas mileage).

Travel to Evansville for 2.5 hours; arriving around 1pm my time, noon their time.

While traveling, I will have taken a Xanax per doctor’s orders, around 12:30pm/11:30am

Find something to do while we wait a half hour.

Be prepped for retrieval at 1:30 pm/12:30pm

Begin retrieval 2pm/1pm (hopefully able to watch on U/S screen)

Ask lots of questions on how it went

End retrieval/question and answer session

Sleep off anesthetic while DH drives home


2 thoughts on “Today and tomorrow

  1. Good Luck with your retrieval!!

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you! I’m really nervous right now and am getting tired of waiting. I can’t wait for the retrieval to be finished and them to tell me exactly how many eggs were retrieved.

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