Retrieval yesterday, recovery today

Well, here I am.  Back at work despite having “minor surgery” yesterday.  That’s what I’m going to tell my boss anyway.  So, it actually wasn’t that bad.  The retrieval I mean.  I got to the doctor’s office early (they have the setup in part of the office for retrieval) and then they had me undress from the waist down and put on a dressing gown.  Then they started a hep-lock and I waited and waited with my husband because I got there early and someone else was going in before me.  Eventually, a nurse came and got my husband so he could give a fresh semen sample.  I’ll tell you what, I felt really sorry for him.  The staff was like “no pressure, we have your frozen sample to fall back on but a fresh one would be best…”   So of course, it took DH a while not to be so nervous and actually go on command:-)  I was proud of him though.  This all used to embarrass him but not anymore.

Anyways, back to me.  After a while, I started hearing the woman before me slurring as she talked to the doc while he was doing the retrieval.  She sounded pretty funny too and kept saying it hurt so she needed more pain meds.  By the end of it, she had passed out.  When it came my turn, they walked me into the room (after I had to pee again!) and used stirrups to hold my legs in place.   The doctor did his prepping/sanitizing and the nurse put a heartbeat monitor on my finger and a blood pressure cuff on my arm.  They also allowed Greg to sit by my head.  The nurse then pushed a pain killer into my vein and the doctor got started almost immediately.  I’d say the whole procedure took about a half hour.  I was awake and lucid for the whole thing and, while I could feel pinching and some minor pain, I was relatively pain free.  I didn’t ask for more meds. 

After the procedure where they counted 16 eggs, I was wheeled back to my room for recovery.  They were still going through making sure they got all the eggs but never told me if they found anymore.  For about 20 to 30 minutes after the procedure I was fine and normal even according to DH but I eventually passed out and slept for 1.5 hours!  When I woke up, I was very woozy and the nurse was worried about me walking anywhere (the other ladies got to walk out by themselves about an hour after their procedures). 

So Greg could watch, the nurse went ahead and gave me a progesterone in oil shot and then had me put on my pants.  I remember being worried my sweats were on wrong (despite the big “Grand Canyon” logo running down the front of my leg where it was supposed to be).  After that and being unsteady, they made me use a wheelchair and DH put my shoes on for me.  After wheeling me out to the van I felt more fine.  Then came what my husband claims is the funniest part.  The story goes (I don’t remember much of it) that he asked me what I wanted to eat from a fast food restaurant since he didn’t want to make me get out.  I chose chicken nuggets.  So, we are in the McD’s drive-thru and he asks what size?  I guess then I gave him this look like he was stupid and the answer was obvious and I indicated the size of the average chicken nugget and said, “aren’t they all the same size?”  He then busted out laughing and just ordered me a meal (so he could eat the fries he knows I won’t eat). 

Once we made it home last night, my mom had already walked the demons, I mean our two dogs for us and she held them back while I went in so they wouldn’t jump on me.  Not long after she left and DH made me a bed upstairs in our living room so I could remain in a seated/45 degree position (not supposed to lay flat at all for the next 24 hrs).  Since we don’t have a recliner, he took the futon mattress off the couch in our bedroom and butted it against the couch in the living room.  He put all the pillows he could find against the couch so I could be comfortable.  He also made sure my phone was by me along with crackers and a Gatorade.  He’s such a sweetheart! 

We actually did try to watch some tv together but I fell asleep again.  Then so that Maggie wouldn’t whine all night, he left her with me and put up a gate so that our rambunctious Bram couldn’t terrorize me during the night.  Maggie did well and slept beside me but DH reports that Bram whined most of the night and escaped the bedroom three times to run up the stairs to me (he’s a momma’s boy). 

This morning, I’m not in too much pain I’m just really nauseous and sore.  It’s worse when I walk or stand.  Hopefully, no one expects much out of me at work today.

Maggie is Miss Blondie. She’s 4-years-old and a Golden Retriever/Akita mix. Bram is the husky looking one. He’s an almost-ten-month-old husky/? mix.


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