Post ET

I know it has been since last Wednesday that I posted but I don’t have internet at home (I never used it since I have it on my phone) and phones are not very good for typing anything of any length so I waited until I had to come back to work.  Anyways, I want to thank those that sent growing vibes our way!  Of the 9 eggs that fertilized, 8 of them were of excellent quality in the blastocyst stage on one was behind and still in the morula stage.  Yesterday, Dr. Gentry transferred two embies and said that he has high hopes for us judging by the quality of the embryos and my thick endometrium.  Hopefully he is right!  The good doctor was actually in a great mood yesterday because he had three women waiting to get transfers and we all three had really good embryos he said. 

Anyways, now to the full story.  After Tuesdays retrieval I wasn’t feeling too bad then Wednesday and Thursday went by and I was alright.  Then late Thursday/Friday hit.  I was very uncomfortable, in some pain, and it hurt to move.  I figure my follicles had filled up with fluid by then.  DH went to the store for me and bought a lot of Gatorade which I started forcing down along with saltine crackers which is all I really wanted to eat anyways (lots of sodium to dry out follicles). Dh also forced me to take the pain meds and Phenegren so I did a lot of sleeping too.  By Saturday around noon I was feeling a lot better and started moving around more.  Saturday after I felt a little better, DH, my mom, sister, and I went to DH and my old house to paint the walls white so it would sell better (evidently chinese lantern orange is not a good color for selling according to the real estate agent).  It was cold so this took a while and the orange didn’t want to cover up very well.  Also, we had to paint the cabinents that had blue fronts white as well because the blue was too loud.  Needless to say, we didn’t get everything finished so the others are going to go back sometime this week to finish everything up since I can’t (even if there weren’t fumes, DH wouldn’t let me.  He doesn’t actually want me to move at all I don’t think).  After painting, I started feeling bad again from moving so much so after we went home we lounged around again. 

Yesterday, the Big Day, took forever to get here.  In the morning, we left early and I brought a Gatorade so that I would need to pee by the time our appointment started since they use u/s to guide the catheter.  I think I probably shouldn’t have drank anything.  I naturally have a small bladder it feels like so on the way there we stopped twice for me to go and then once we got there (early of course) I tried to hold it but ended up sneaking out of the surgery ward at the office so I could pee.  I would have felt guilty about that but the doctor was late and two other women were before me.  By the time the doctor got there, I needed to pee again and by my turn I was about to bust.  The nurse helping even commented saying my bladder was extremely full.  For the procedure, they put me up in stirrups and cleaned my cervix.  The doctor then guided the catheter into my uterus and wiggled it to point to where it was on the monitor.  The embryologist loaded the embryos and Dr. Gentry put an x on the screen and told me to watch where there would be a slight white plop and that was one embryo; he did the same thing again and I had my second embryo!  The nurse even printed an u/s picture and gave to us as our first baby picture.  DH was all smiles through all of this cause they let him sit in the room again.  After the procedure, I wasn’t allowed up at all for thirty minutes even though I was assured the embryos wouldn’t fall out.  When we left, I still made sure to lay the seat back in the vehicle just in case:-)  Once we got home, I went on bed rest like the doctor said (he said twenty-four hours but I did about 20).


2 thoughts on “Post ET

  1. That is wonderful news! Praying they stick!!!

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