Yeah, I’m still going insane and obsessing.  DH has been trying to help and then he suggests “why don’t you just go buy a bunch of the cheap 88cent tests from Wal-Mart and just test everyday?”  Gee, why hadn’t I thought of that?  Oh, cuz I did and I know it isn’t going to help with the obsessing.  Or crying when I test too early and get a BFN.  Or crying when I know the trigger shot is still in my system so that bfp could very well be a Big Fat Fake.  Aargh!  It’s just so frustrating!  What I really want to do is skip a few days so I can test and get a semi-accurate result.  That would be if I could stop drinking water.  My pee will be waaayy too diluted if I continue chugging water like I have been but I’m just so thirsty.  Probably a side effect of the gazillion meds I’m on at this point. 

Also, along with being thirsty I’ve been crampy (slight twinges when I’m walking), my back hurts, and I’m really tired.  All possible side effects.  I guess I’m just a little impatient today.  I know it’s just going to get worse the longer I have to wait though.  I just have to keep positive thoughts and go buy those cheap tests so I can test everyday….or twice a day;-)


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