In a better mood today

For some reason I’m in a much better mood today.  I’m not sure what the cause is but I figured I should write about it while it lasts:)  I didn’t actually sleep very well last night because I got up a total of 7 times to pee.  I really need to watch my water intake before bed.  Also, I had a very very horrible hot flash around midnight that kept me up for a while.  I felt like I was burning up from the inside out!  My cheeks were really red and I actually started sweating.  Of course, when it dissipated I became extremely cold but the dogs and DH had already claimed the covers I’d thrown off so I spent the rest of the night wrestling for blankets.  My good mood may also be contributed to a dream that I had.  In it, we were pregnant with twin boys!  It was like it was a fact though, not like that’s what the whole dream circled around (it was actually about DH being frivolous with money (which is totally true btw, and we don’t have a disposable income)).  Hopefully my dream is foretelling some of the future.  I don’t really care what the sex of baby/babies is/are but I just want us to be pregnant and have a healthy and happy 9 months!


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