I went and had my blood drawn by the viscious blood suckers at my local lab today.  It took the lady several tries and much poking, prodding, and jabbing but she finally accomplished getting 2 vials full of my blood.  It probably would have been easier for me to do myself. 

Then the waiting began.  I waited and waited at work for the phone call from my nurse that I figured wouldn’t come until late this afternoon if at all today since that lab has a problem with faxing results to my doctor.  Much to my surprise, I received a call around noon today letting me know that my Beta for today, 10 days past 5 day transfer (or 15 dpo) was 473!  The nurse says that number is really good.  I asked her if it was low, high, or average and she said it can be considered a little high but it falls within the normal range for a singleton pregnancy.  Secretly, I’m really hoping for twins.  I looked up some information on my own and that number is pretty much in the n0rmal range for any pregnancy.  I just hope and pray those numbers at least double by Friday. 

Also, I guess the lab I used doesn’t check progesterone so they sent it out to be tested.  I wonder how long that will take them?  The nurse did tell me that so long as I’m not in pain and don’t have spotting then I should be fine.  And I’m not in pain.  Not true pain from anything other than immense bloating.  I hear progesterone is probably to blame but my metformin also causes gas and bloating and then since I eat a high fiber diet due to PCOS I’ve got even more bloating.  It’s all worth it though.  I’ll not complain too much.


4 thoughts on “BETA!!!

  1. My beta was 473 and I’ve got twins! I know they say beta isn’t necessarily a good judge but I think you’ve got a good chance at twins.

    Oh and CONGRATS! That’s awesome news!

  2. Samantha says:

    Thanks so much! I really hope you’re right and we do have a chance at twins. I’m perfectly happy with a singleton too though:)

  3. Ria says:

    So excited for you! I’ll keep praying for a doubling beta and hope for twins.

  4. That is wonderful news!!! Congrats!! Praying the 2nd beta goes well and I’ll cross my fingers for twins for ya!

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