Yep. We went in for the 5 wk 3 day ultrasound yesterday and discovered we are having twins! They both look really good. We saw both yolk sacs and fetal poles. I am so very excited! Even DH is ecstatic. The first person I called yesterday was my dad. Guess what? I didn’t even get to tell anyone else. My dad, the quiet one, had to call everyone. Go figure:) At least I know he is excited. And now that I’m at work I told a couple co-workers who are very excited for me. I haven’t told my boss yet but he will probably know soon enough. Also, I am in the process of applying for FMLA. My work is usually really great at letting me be flexible but I don’t want to stretch my luck to the limit. My next appointment is on December 27th and we should see heartbeats! I can’t stop grinning:)



One thought on “Twins!

  1. Ria says:

    Such wonderful news! Congrats! I will keep praying for you and the babies for healthy development and no complications!

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