Doctor Drama

Well, I thought I liked my new doctors but I’ve decided that I only like one of the doctors in the group I’m going to. That’s out of four. Dr. Z is really attentive, understanding, and funny. Dr. C doesn’t worry about anything and generally acts like pregnant women are hypochondriacs and Dr. W was okay until she saw a tattoo of a quote on my back and then she went all uber-Christian on me. She also acted like I was stupid for taking Mucinex for fluid build-up in my ears (Dr. C told me to). Then I haven’t met Dr. S but everyone tells me he’s a lot like Dr. C except worse. Oh, and none of them except Dr. Z are worried about the “moderately” sized subchorionic hemorrhage by Baby B. They’re all like, “oh, don’t worry about it. Just don’t excersise or lift heavy things.” (Dr. Z does want to monitor it but she’s there the least). Well, I’m worried sick about it. And they’re talking to me like I’m a child who did IVF and got pregnant as a game or something. I may look like a I’m in my late teens but I most definitely am not.

Here’s what I think I’m going to do about it: I’m going to switch to the other group in town that is highly recommended by a local pregnancy support group. There, there are four doctors, a nurse practicioner, and a midwife. Hopefully, I can find a good range of ones I like rather than just liking one and hating the others. I’m also thinking about looking into a doula. I don’t know anyone who has used one but I do know they are highly recommended for first-time moms.


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