11 weeks 3 days

I think I’m going crazy. I’m constantly worried and I’m constantly googling. I’ve decided google is an evil device that is highly addictive. I look up everything and then I get even more worried. It’s frustrating. Also, I got my charts transferred to the new OB and they still haven’t called to tell me whether or not they will accept me. I think I would be even crazier if I didn’t have my fetal heart monitor. I listen to the babies everytime I get too worried and it helps to know that their little hearts are beating. My big problem right now is that I don’t know if the subchorionic hemorrhage has gotten smaller, bigger, or resolved since I won’t have another ultrasound for several weeks. That ultrasound is scheduled at my original doctor’s office since i haven’t gotten the “okay” from the new guys yet.

Current symptoms:
Nausea in the a.m. (about every other day now)
Fatigue throughout the day that puts me to sleep around 7pm every night
Slight twinges in my abdomen that I’m assured are Round ligament pains
Weight has stayed steady (I haven’t gained any weight yet)
I feel overly emotional sometimes
Out of breath at work since I have to walk a lot (the building i work in is 23 acres under one roof)
and I still have brown spotting on and off from the SCH
Also, sometimes it looks like I have a bump but I know it’s from bloating mainly


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