Officially in the 2nd trimester!

It seemed to take forever but we’ve finally made it–we are officially in the second trimester. It is a little confusing though. The internet told me 12 weeks, the app on my phone told me 13 weeks, and the little ticker thing on my phone told me 14 weeks. So, I waited for the longest amount of time to be up before I officially started believing I have made it to the magical wonderland that is the second trimester.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still not experiencing all those magical second-tri things. For instance, I’m still really really tired all the time. Where is that energy all those books promised me? Also, why do I still keep randomly having morning sickness and why am i still really congested? I’m guessing I’m just one of those that gets to keep all the symptoms a little longer…I’m not too bummed about it though. Symptoms actually help me stay a little saner. I know at this point I should be less worried but I can’t seem to help myself but be worried all the time.

On another note, I finally did tell my boss boss that I’m pregnant. I told him at exactly 12 weeks. I honestly did think he had already heard the rumors or I probably would have told him sooner. Anyway, I get to the office about two hours before he does so I sent an email (he is always super-busy and some days I don’t even see him at all). When he got in he was all grins and congratulated me and started talking about how he always wanted twins and how much fun he thinks this will be for me and my husband. I’m so glad he isn’t one of those bosses who gets mad about a woman in the office being pregnant. My other boss is totally beside himself though. He knew we were doing IVF since he is the head of HR. Everytime I see him he asks about the babies and makes sure I’m doing good.

Hmmm…what else is there to say? There was so much I wanted to write but I seem to have forgotten some of it. I really should write more often but since I do it in my free time at work and I haven’t had very much free time at all it’s been kind of difficult to post as much as I would like.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to tell you. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound! It’s been a whole four weeks since my last one. I had had to have them so often due to IVF and then the SCH that I got kind of used to seeing the babies about every week and then suddenly I had to wait four times as long! I’m very anxious to see how much they have grown. Also, my fetal doppler only picks up one heartbeat but it does sound like a double-thump most of the time so I’m pretty sure they are both okay but it still bothers me not to pick up two distinct heartbeats (everything Dr.Google tells me is that if they have the same heartrate I won’t be able to pick up two distinct beats). It will be nice seeing them tomorrow. My u/s is at 9am and I’m counting down until then!


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