I’m being harassed.

On Wednesday we went to the doctor for an ultrasound and checkup. After everything checked out at the ultrasound (woohoo!) we asked the tech if she could check the genders for us. Just a guess we said. Anyway, she explained how she wouldn’t do it because this early it isn’t accurate at all–but then she proceeded to check anyway (?). She then told us Baby B is definetley a_____and that she is 90% sure that Baby A is a ____ (not telling ’til we’re sure). So, if she thinks checking gender at 14 weeks is too early then why did she check and then tell us 100% positive for B and 90% for A? I’m not sure if I trust the tech on this one…. I did ask the doctor about it and he said to wait until the 18 week checkup and that he didn’t think knowing the gender was important anyway.

And now, the husband and I are being harassed by family and friends who knew about the ultrasound and know that some people are told genders early now. I guess we looked/sounded guilty when we said we didn’t know what they are yet so we’ve been hounded even more. My dad even made a special trip to my house to try to weasel it out of me. He was such a sweetheart about it though, he even bought me chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day:) Two people do know what the genders are thought to be though. As we were walking out of the office talking about what we had just been told, one of our pregnant friends and her husband walked up behind us and heard so there was no denying it to them–only begging them not to tell anyone.

Some really good news though! The subchorionic hemorrhage is all but gone! It is considerablly smaller in size and the tech and doctor agreed that if they hadn’t known where to look for the clot they would have never found it. Also, the doctor seemed genuinely happy with my weight (which I was worried about, I didn’t want to gain too much or too little). The funny thing is, I’ve only gained one pound the entire pregnancy and I was about average build before.

Oh, the bump. The bump is now showing. I think at about 13 and a half weeks it just suddenly showed up. Now it is more real that we are pregnant since we can visibly see that the babies are growing. Also, at my appointment at 14 weeks 1 day my uterus meausured at what would be 19 weeks for a singleton pregnancy.

I can’t wait until the 18 week ultrasound on March 12th. I want to know for sure what my babies are!


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