And the babies are….

Yesterday we went in for the official anatomy scan. We didn’t have the normal u/s tech but had a woman much more experienced that was filling in for her. I’m glad we did. This tech explained everything and how incredibly perfect both babies look. Their little hearts, kidneys, heads, etc all measured and looked completely normal. I am so thankful for that. We were also officially told their genders. Well, Baby B is a Girl and it turns out that Baby A is a Boy!!! We are so excited! And I feel better knowing what they are officially (and there was no doubting it for either of them) and that my “instinct” was correct and I wasn’t just going crazy thinking there should really be a girl AND a boy in there. Last time we were told 100% that Baby B is a girl and 90% that Baby A was too. Imagine our surprise when we went in expecting two girls but ended up with one of each. It’s a good thing we told absolutely no one what we were told for genders. Also, we had went in with two girl names prepared and one boy name just in case and it was a good thing too.

Oh, and I can actually feel Baby B now! She kicks a lot so it’s no wonder. I haven’t been able to feel A at all and I found out that’s because his placenta is in front of him whereas B’s is behind her. It was so funny and cute yesterday though. A was just laying there sucking his thumb and occasionally moving and then we see Baby B who was trying her damndest to kick her brother. I’m glad the gestational sacs are really tough! It took about twenty minutes to do the complete anatomy scan on Baby A while Baby B kept moving and flipping so much that it took a full 40 minutes to do her anatomy scan. Both of them are right on par with each other now. They measured at 18 weeks and 4 days (I was actually 17 weeks 6 days) and they are both 8 ounces.

Baby A is a Boy!

Baby A is a Boy!

Baby B is a Girl!

Baby B is a Girl!


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