Halfway! Well, I’m calling it that anyway.

Since three out of four of my doctors say that they won’t let a twin pregnancy go beyond 38 weeks I’m calling 19 weeks the halfway point. I’m so glad and grateful to have made it here. The twins really have been growing at an amazing rate and the weeks sometimes seem slow but then they are gone before I know it. I mean, just back in November I was constantly stressing over if our IVF cycle would work and then when it did the worry intensified because, well, I’ve always been a worrier. I’ve got to give props to my husband though. He has been so amazing through everything. He tries his best to cater to me which makes me feel guilty because he tries to do too much. He is also responsible for me gaining weight now. It is still a slow gain but at least it’s there. Every morning he makes me a Boost High Protein shake with vitamin D milk (which, incidentally, I absolutely hate) and then at night he makes me a chocolate milk shake that has ice cream, Boost High Protein powder, and two oreos to cover up the taste of the Boost. I could make them myself but he says he wants to somehow be involved with the babies growing…lol. His justifications have always been so off-the-wall.
Oh, the baby shower planning has begun. My step-mother-in-law that absolutely loves me has been going crazy trying to make plans but she also wants my mom to be really involved but it does seem like she wants what she wants and wants everyone else to want it to–if you get what I mean? I know i probably just made that confusing. Well, the shower theme is Dr. Seuss and MIL has already ordered invites (and she lives in texas btw while I’m in Indiana). I did set up a location and I’ve got it rented for June 8th. Hopefully I’ll feel up to having the shower at almost 31 weeks. I would have preferred it to be earlier but MIL couldn’t take her vacation any earlier she said. I’m hoping that the planners will listen to my input as well. DH’s real mom will also be helping with the shower she claims but I’m not so sure if she actually will. Once her name was put on the invitations as being one of the hosts she pretty much stopped being involved. That’s the way she is though. Even a few years ago for our wedding she told everyone she could about how exhausted she was from planning and setting everything up for it….it made me so mad since from the very beginning she told us not to ask for help because she wouldn’t have the time to give us any.
I’ve now discovered that my back just isn’t going to stop hurting. And, oh, the round ligament pain. I have to switch sides all the time at night because of my back and hips hurting but when I do I get those sudden, sharp pains from it. Couple this with being constantly thirsty especially at night and you get me needing to pee every couple hours and needing to turn about every hour. I don’t get much sleep anymore. The dogs don’t seem to mind though. Almost everytime they get up they try to persuade me into taking them outside. I usually end up giving in about once a night since Bram can be very persistent…and he looks so cute when he begs too.
Ah well, it looks like it’s time for me to go. I’m at work and have other things I should be doing…and I’ve really got to pee.


One thought on “Halfway! Well, I’m calling it that anyway.

  1. congrats on your halfway mark! I had my shower around 32 weeks and I faired okay! Although I know with twins – you will probably be feeling a lot farther along!

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