I have hit the 24 week mark today so the babies are officially “viable” even though I do not want them making an appearance for at least another 13 to 14 weeks. I did have an ultrasound yesterday and I would post pictures but the tech I had seems unable to give me any pictures that look like anything at all (I know it’s her because the other tech always has clear shots whereas this one never does; and this is with a new machine too).

I am happy with the results of the ultrasound though. My cervical length is 4 cm which I’ve been told is good and I pray it stays that way. The babies look great too! Baby A (our boy) is estimated to weigh 1 lb 10 oz and Baby B (our girl) is estimated at 1 lb 8 oz. They are both a little ahead as far as length and weight goes which is really good since the tech said soon they could start slowing down in growth because of restricted space. The funny thing about our ultrasound is that the twins both had long legs for their gestational age. I thought that was pretty funny since both my husband and I are short. Their legs actually meausured 8 days ahead (A) and 6 days ahead (B). Then again, I was “tall” until around everyone else around me hit puberty and I was still stuck at around the same height I’d been before…lol.

The twins seem to have settled into positions that they like. B has always been transverse and continues to stay that way (she goes right across my belly button) and A is low and is considered “oblique” because he’s at an angle with his head down and feet up right in the perfect position to kick his sister in the head (which he does do). Their faces are starting to fill out and they look a lot less like aliens 🙂 Hopefully at my appointment in two weeks I can talk the u/s tech into turning on the 3D. I’m not actually sure if I will be having an ultrasound though since I just had one yesterday and I will be seeing a doctor I never have before. Usually, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get to my doctor’s office but it was decided that i can go see another doctor in their practice that is only 15 minutes away from me. And he has longer hours so I don’t have to miss work.

Let’s see, what are my current symptoms:
round ligament pain (defiinitely)
bloating is back
difficulty breathing if I have to walk too long or take steps
lack of space in my stomach to actually eat much
feeling as though my belly could explode at any moment (especially when both babies are pushing
braxton hicks (probably 10 to 15 a day)
difficulty sleeping
back pain
and there’s probably more I’m not thinking of right now.
Oh, and my dogs have an obsession with my belly too. I think that stems from me constantly having my hand there and my husband being overly protective of that area in general so of course that’s what they want.

Maggie "listening" to the twins.

Maggie “listening” to the twins.


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