The Wall

Well, I have heard of this wall from many people but I have just really started experiencing what it’s like to smack into it. I am 31 weeks today and so tired and in so much pain. I can’t sleep more than 45 minutes to an hour at a time and only get a limited amount of sleep altogether since I’m still working. I thought I’d been in pain before with all the achiness but yesterday proved me wrong. Now, I’m having sharp and severe pains in my right hip whenever I move or lay down. I’m just glad that I no longer have to walk the two older dogs–we just had a fence installed and it was completed yesterday. The dogs are still inside dogs but have more outside priveleges than before. Maggie seems to do well with the fence and comes back soon after going out but Bram is a whole other story. He absolutely loves the freedom and has to be called in–even then I can tell he is thinking about whether to ignore me or not. To top it off, this morning he almost got sprayed by a skunk through the fence. I’m just glad the skunk decided to run from the barking dog rather than hike its tail.
In other news, I had my baby shower this weekend. The decorations, games, and food were great and I’m glad we went with the Dr. Seuss theme. It worked out really well. The not so great part was that many of the people who RSVPed didn’t show (so, wasted $ and hardwork to make sure everything was perfect for a certain number of guests). We did find out that they didn’t want to be involved in anything that might happen since DH’s step-mother and mother were both there and the tension between DH’s dad’s side of the family and his mom’s side since the divorce still hasn’t abated. It’s ridiculous really. Anyway, we still ended up getting a lot of clothes and some big items like the carseats, stroller, and changing table. We do still need to go shopping for a lot of things though. I’m just glad the stressful weekend is over and DH’s stepmom and brother headed back to Texas. I swear that woman doesn’t understand what modified bedrest means (even after it was expained to her). I was so so tired after this weekend and everything that had to be done that all I wanted to do was sleep for a week–of course I can’t do that though.
Also, I have only been working 24 hrs a week. I work 6 hour days now for 4 days a week. The 20th will be my last day at work and then I won’t be back until 8 weeks after the babies are born (or longer depending). My doctors have decided that working until 32 weeks is long enough and that that will be my cutoff point. I honestly am really excited about not having to come into work for a while. What I’m not so excited about is the cut in pay. I do have short-term disability benefits I can use but I will only be given 60% of my pay and that is taxed as well so I won’t be making very much at all. Hopefully, DH’s hours will pick up and he can at least work a few hours over every week.


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